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Community Solar Baby! & Events and Actions This Week

Hello Friend!

YESTERDAY the Governor signed SB 84 The Community Solar Act into law!!!! In 2019 young people from around the world rose up demanding immediate action on the climate crisis. In New Mexico thousands of youth rallied around our 5 point Climate Emergency Campaign platform calling for a 100% renewables, a just and equitable path to carbon neutrality by 2030 and community-based energy solutions like community solar. The state of New Mexico is a long way off from meeting those demands but today we celebrate our collective achievement to pass community solar into law. Our communities -- renters, working families, Indigenous Nations have been waiting to have access to the benefits of solar energy - and finally, finally those doors have been opened. New Mexico now joins 20 other states in offering more equitable access to affordable renewable energy in our state. Let's continue to push to ensure that the rule-making at the PRC maximizes community benefits to residential and small commercial retail customers, Tribes, local governments, low-income households, nonprofit organizations, community colleges, schools, and public housing authorities! Thank you to everyone for their hard work and persistence!



Join us this week for some powerful events. Tomorrow, learn from our partners on water resources, Indigenous rights and Environmental Justice & Health Impacts. Scroll down to sign up and get the Zoom link to join them. Plus, don't forget about our action this Saturday! Saturday 4/10 at 1:30 pm RSVP HERE: We are launching a campaign to demand that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham end her pursuit of an NM exemption from the federal lands fracking pause and instead show bold leadership on just transition planning and execution for our state. If you missed our last newsletter on actions you can take to support this campaign including petition, org sign-on, and education, you can view it HERE!


#WaterBack Live Event - Pueblo Action Alliance

Wednesday, April 7 @ 6 PM

Learn more from Julia Bernal and Marcus Trujillo from Pueblo Action Alliance. Hear about how a Pueblo Indigenous feminist perspective can protect water resources and provide solutions for water conservation in the wake of climate change. Register Here!

“Here in the Southwest, we can’t have #Landback without #WaterBack.” J.F.B.


Environmental Justice: Cumulative Impacts Policies w/ Los Jardines Institute & UNM School of Law

Wednesday, April 7 @ 6-7 PM


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