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YUCCA | Mutual Aid | Poder: Year End Reflections & Next Steps

Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well during this shift into winter. As we approach 2021, we want to bring you an update about some of the latest programs and work we are doing as well as what we are looking forward to accomplish together. Below we have a preview of YUCCA's legislative agenda, environmental justice campaign announcement, Santa Fe Mutual Aid recap, and Poder Familiar activities.

We invite you to reflect on the year, we found some questions that we want to share with you all from @itsjiyounkim which are excellent writing & discussion prompts. ❤️

5 questions for year-end reflections on social justice

  1. What did I learn & unlearn in relation to justice & collective liberation in 2020?

  2. What justice-oriented actions did I take in 2020?

  3. What actions do I want to take in 2021?

  4. How will I maintain capacity for sustainable activism & necessary urgent advocacy?

  5. Who is on my solidarity team? Who will help me stay accountable for my actions & support me in community care? Who is present & who is missing?


"What does it mean to be a better ancestor?

What does it mean to be a better ancestor? That's exactly what Yang, a YUCCA Steering Committee member, answers in this video she made for the national Sunrise Movement.

"It's not just about breaking a curse. Our ancestors prophesied about our generation. Now it is our time to fulfill their prophecies."


We are working on a webpage for our website which will be ready soon that will contain legislative updates & announcements. Here's a peek into some of our priorities that we will be advocating for. Soon, we will let you know how you can advocate with YUCCA!

Climate & Environment Focused Legislation (LEFT)

  • Community Solar

  • Local Choice Energy

  • The Green Amendment

  • Amendments to the Produced Water Bill (passed in 2019)

  • Just Transition Legislation

  • More to be announced...

Social & Economic Justice Focused Legislation (RIGHT)

  • NM Civil Rights Act

  • 16 Vote Initiative

  • Voting Rights Restoration

  • Closing Private Prisons & Detention Centers

  • Cannabis Legalization

  • Establishing a NM State Public Bank

  • Crown Act

  • More to be announced...



We are working with the NM Environmental Law Center & local community residents to fight the expansion of asphalt plants in our neighborhoods, located near multiple predominantly low-income communities of color in Southside Santa Fe off of 599. Associated Asphalt & Materials Co is applying for a new air quality permit to essentially operate 24/7. Residents and folks working next to this plant have pushed back the permitting process. Now we are gearing up for the next hearing date in March 2021. We will update you all as our campaign officially kicks off! To catch you up,


Poder Familiar & Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors

Poder Familiar, our amazing family leadership programming, is launching a spring semester course. Digital learning support is ongoing work we are supporting to help folks get connected and bridge the technology divides we have here, yes even in Santa Fe!


Santa Fe Mutual Aid

Check out our video with some of the progress and details from the Santa Fe Mutual Aid project! We've done a lot this year with your help and commitment to community from advocacy to direct material support. With the news of a new coronavirus stimulus package, many of us will be receiving $600 per person stimulus checks and may be in the position to #ShareMyCheck with community members who are not eligible for federal relief. If you are able, pledge your check here.

Support all of Earth Care's projects and campaigns with an end of year donation today.


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