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YUCCA is Awarded Youth Earth Protector Award by NMELC

Register for the EJ Awards tomorrow night Friday 12/10 @ 5:30-6:30 pm

YUCCA was awarded the Youth Earth Protector Award. About the award:

Youth Earth Protector Award—This is the first year the Law Center will be giving out this award, which goes out to a youth (age 20 or younger) who has demonstrated great leadership and vision in protecting New Mexico's air, water and/or land for current and future generations. Individuals or organizations can be nominated.

Other awards include:

Awards include:

  • Karl Souder Award for Water Protection—The Karl Souder Water Protection Award honors an outstanding individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the protection of New Mexico water. Karl Souder was a hydrologist who spent his career working to protect New Mexico’s water, particularly its ground water.

  • Jeanne Gauna Award for Community Environmental Advocacy—The Jeanne Gauna Community Environmental Advocacy Award is given to New Mexicans who have given significant time and effort toward grassroots advocacy for the welfare of our state’s communities, especially through the linkage of environmental health and community well-being. Jeanne Gauna was a fierce environmental justice warrior and former director of the SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP). This award has been given by the Law Center since 1999, and its name was changed from Community Advocacy Award to the Jeanne Gauna award in 2003. Individuals or organizations can be nominated.

  • Toxic Polluter Award—Each year the Law Center also bestows the Toxic Polluter of the Year Award to a person, business, or industry that has shown extraordinary disregard for New Mexico’s environment and the communities that live in it.


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