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Please watch our Call to Action above and join us in this movement as an invested ally.


With only a decade left to drastically reduce our carbon emissions and transition our economy to renewable energy sources, there's no time to spare.


We are asking for you to invest in this work and invest in our leadership as young people of color who are leading this fight in NM.




You should know that our largest donor to date is in his twenties and he threw down $2,000 in one meeting. That’s how invested in this work our generations are. Will you match that investment?


For those of us with the ability to donate, we ask that you dig deep and invest like our future depends on it – because it does.


Donations from campaign supporters have covered hard costs of the campaign so far - action and meeting supplies, communications software and promotional materials, and space fees. Thank you for helping to do this!


Those costs exist for every action and we need to continue to fundraise for those pieces. We also need your help to cover the costs of staffing this campaign - which is a full-time affair. So far, Earth Care has donated hundreds and hundreds of hours of staff time as well as funds from general operating in order to pay youth staff members.


We are catalyzing a movement of young people across New Mexico for climate justice. We plan to leverage the organizing infrastructure and momentum we are building as we approach the 2020 NM Legislative Session and 2020 local, state and national elections in order to win the policy changes we so desperately need. Please join us.


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