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Calls to Action - We Need Your Help

Hey Friend and Supporter, Hope you are finding ways to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of spring and share time with loved ones during this holiday time. We are wrapping up our legislative campaign -- waiting impatiently for the Governor to sign the few bills that passed through the session on the climate justice front. You might have noticed the ad (below) that we ran in last Sunday's Santa Fe New Mexican along with dozens of other organizations who shared our disappointment at the legislature's failure to stand up to oil and gas and make significant progress to tackle the climate emergency.

Please read on for important calls to action that will take a few moments of your time but help drive the work of our movement forward.

  • We need you to call the Governor!

  • We are launching a campaign to demand that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham end her pursuit of an NM exemption from the federal lands fracking pause and instead show bold leadership on just transition planning and execution for our state.

  • See below for the petition, org sign-on letter, and background info.

  • And join us next Saturday IN-PERSON, socially-distanced, and masked or online for the livestream!


Securing Our Victories

Please continue to call the Governor Community Solar is waiting on her!

We need EVERYONE to make calls to Governor Lujan Grisham to ask her to sign the Community Solar bill. This bill is important in making solar accessible to low-income, BIPOC, and renters while also allowing reinvestment into our communities with solar projects.

Please also ask her to support SB112 the Sustainable Economies bill which will begin to setup a process for transition planning with seats for impacted community members at the table. If you have an organization you can also sign-on to this organizational sign-on letter.


No to MLG’s Fracking Pause Waiver/Credit Scheme!

In 2019 we stood up and demanded a moratorium on fracking and this year, Biden put a fracking lease pause into place. But Governor Grisham has indicated to the Chamber of Commerce, the press, and in a letter to President Biden - that she believes NM should have an exception made for us regarding the federal fracking lease pause.

Help send a clear message to Governor Grisham and President Biden that NM must not seek a waiver on new fracking leases on public lands.

Sign and Share the Petition

Sign & send this petition to all your friends. Every state needs to do its part to draw down emissions, before we hit catastrophic climate tipping points. The fracking pause is an important start. Tell the Governor New Mexicans don't want an exemption we want a just transition!

Watch the statement Castille Aguilar one of the spokesmembers of YUCCA gave at the Santa Fe County Commission meeting in support of the Resolution brought by Commissioner Hansen in support of the fracking pause.


Events from This Week

This week YUCCA joined representatives of New Mexico’s federal delegation, state officials, community members, activists, and allies for a virtual rally to launch the Nuevo Mexico Prospera campaign in support of the THRIVE Act.

THRIVE is a blueprint for the future that tackles the multiple crises we face in NM - economic inequality, racism and climate change - with a plan to create thousands of jobs in our state and 15 million dignified jobs nationwide for millions of workers and support a better life for the millions more who remain vulnerable in this pivotal moment.

Learn more about the THRIVE agenda here:


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