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Opposition stalls Hydrogen & Nuclear Bill

"Advanced Energy Technology" Act Meets Its Fate

HB12, the Advanced Energy Technology Act, which focused on transferring public wealth to the private sector and ushering in the next phase of the extractive economy based on hydrogen, nuclear, and carbon capture, has been pulled from the House Energy Committee agenda with news that it may never return!

Thank you to all that helped rally outside the Capitol, and joined in on our sit-in at the Governor's Office on Thursday as we demonstrated our strong opposition to bills that will continue to cause irreparable harm to New Mexico communities. There is still much to do as we continue to fight against extractive legislation and we must continue the pressure because this bill might resurface. (We had to kill 5 different hydrogen proposals) - so stay tuned. Don't forget to sign up for our Action Alerts - if you want to get more involved this session. We still have several weeks to go! And there are many bad bills that need public opposition and good bills that need your support!


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