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Policy Innovations Lab Hosted BY YUCCA

YUCCA spent last weekend hosting national partners from Philly, Buffalo, and Atlanta - some of the centers of resistance against extractive industries and toxic pollution. It’s always great to share space with such powerful people doing amazing work in their respective communities. We strategized together, shared resources, built beautiful movement connections, and learned together with our hung amazing training team from Race Forward, and our YUCCA coach, Bineshi Albert from Climate Justice Alliance. We enjoyed hosting a solidarity organizing day on Sunday - where we shared our No False Solution Training with NFS partners, and engaged our friends in an art-build for our big announcement on Wednesday!

Our fam from Philly are some badass Black leaders from Philly Thrive who are on the frontlines of industrial pollution and leading some amazing direct actions against industry.

YUCCA was also blessed to get to share space with some powerful Black matriarchs from Food for the Spirit based in Buffalo, NY and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance in Atlanta, GA. It’s been such a privilege to share space and learn with such powerful organizers from across Turtle Island.

Our first convening was a couple of months ago in Atlanta, this past weekend we hosted the crew in Tiwa territory, and next, we’ll be flying out to Buffalo in September!


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