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Climate Emergency Earth Day Protest


Friday April 22 // 5-6:30 PM We are meeting at the Santa Fe Plaza then we are marching to the Drury Plaza Hotel (828 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe) where corporate utilities and energy Executives and lobbyists are wining and dining our elected officials at the end of the “Energy Summit.” Our message: Listen to the people! Not the corporate industry leaders that got us in this crisis in the first place!”

YUCCA, SWOP and allies are calling for REAL climate solutions - calling out false solutions, greenwashing, and corruption. We are inviting everyone to join us for a Climate Emergency Earth Day March to call attention to the climate emergency, the warnings in the latest IPCC report, the fires throughout our state, our NM economy, and to demand climate solutions that rapidly bring down emissions, protect our impacted communities, and save our collective futures. Come and tell the utility and oil and gas executives that they can’t turn around from decades of poor leadership, of pollution and contamination, of extracting millions of dollars from our communities lands, health, and public coffers by calling themselves climate leaders. They are greenwashing during Earth Day week in Santa Fe and it’s unacceptable. The Energy Summit, held 4/21-4/22 on Earth Day, is being put on by PNM, Avangrid, Chevron, PG&E, the American Petroleum Institute, ConocoPhillips, & other companies as well as the Hispano Chamber of Commerce. The company representatives leading the Energy Summit panels & sessions have done irreparable harm to our climate and communities and are trying to continue to do so in NM by wining and dining our elected officials. They have NO place deciding NM’s energy future. NM’s energy future is not just the future of our energy grid, but it’s the future of our water supply, the animals and plants home here, and our communities' health and livelihoods. We have 8 years left to make drastic change, and elected officials should be heeding the warnings from science, the many policy proposals put forward by communities, not following the lead of oil and gas and utility executives. The Energy Summit will surely be racked full of false solutions like Hydrogen and Carbon Markets which extend investment in fossil fuel infrastructure instead of transitioning us away from it. PNM and Avangrid are committed to getting all the profit they can from New Mexico, just like Avangrid has done in Maine. Avangrid is under criminal investigation for corruption and fraud and also is among the worst for reliability & cost among its peers. They have record fines for noncompliance. They claim to be energy leaders but are only 2% solar. Avangrid tried to buy PNM, but thankfully our NM Public Regulation Commission unanimously voted AGAINST the merger. Why are they here? No means No! Why don’t these companies respect our laws, our democracy, our people!


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