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We continue to call on Governor Lujan Grisham and our lawmakers to meet our demands and declare a climate emergency & make serious moves on climate!

2023 Climate Strike!

In response to the NM Advanced Energy Summit, in anticipation of the historic UN Summit and mass mobilization taking place in New York the following week, and in conjunction with the global climate strikes taking place around the world, YUCCA is planning an acton for Thursday, September 14th at 11:300AM-1:30PM.

The 2023 New Mexico Climate Strike is a call for Climate Leadership and a People’s Climate Plan as an alternative to the green-washed facades like Hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Nuclear, and Net-Zero being presented at the summit.

The Advanced Energy Summit is sponsored by industry and New Mexico’s elected officials are the target audience.

New Mexico’s leaders are catering to prolong the dirty extractive economy when we need to reduce emissions to near zero and phase out fossil fuels. We need to set out the People's Vision for a People's Climate Plan!


Please join us and our communities in our demands to work toward zero emissions, phase out fossil fuels, and build a just transition and regenerative, renewable economy.

The Climate Strike march and rally will include powerful performances & speeches by youth, local artists, climate justice advocates, environmental justice leaders, as well as experts speaking on the real renewable and lower impact technologies that the people of New Mexico want and need.

The march will begin at Robinson Park and march to the Summit. 


Thank you to all that helped rally outside the Capitol, and joined in on our sit-in at the Governor's Office on Thursday, Feb 23 as we demonstrated our strong opposition to bills that will continue to cause irreparable harm to New Mexico communities. There is still much to do as we continue to fight against extractive legislation.


Over 100 Youth Climate Justice Activists & Supporters
Stage Die-In on Opening Day of the 2023 NM Legislative Session
Over YUCCA stage a 'die-in’ in the rotunda inside the Nm Capitol on the first day of the legislative session, Tuesday, January 17th. YUCCA is demanding lawmakers' take immediate action this session to address climate change and protect their future.

Youth leaders are demanding an end to the state’s practice of chasing short-term profits at the expense of long-term climate stability. The group is demanding investment in a Just Transition Fund, and carbon emissions reduction standards bills this session as well as other bills to protect the environment and advance renewable energy this session.



Over fifty youth from around the state took the day off of school today to protest the annual New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) gathering. Organized by YUCCA, young Indigenous, POC, and allied youth and adults marched and rallied during the opening session of the annual NMOGA Meeting to demand an end to oil and gas extraction and exploitation that puts fossil fuel profits over the health, safety, and futures of New Mexicans. Speakers from YUCCA, Pueblo Action Alliance, and K’owa Collective were joined by Indigenous Water Protectors who traveled from Diné Nation for the action. 


The protesters blocked traffic and blocked the entrance of the hotel - calling for corporate accountability for the ways in which oil and gas has burned New Mexico - literally and figuratively. 

We joined allied organizations at the NM Legislative Finance Committee in Prewitt and Gallup, NM to stand up against false solutions like blue hydrogen. During the 2022 Legislative Session, New Mexicans and our Reps said NO to fracked gas hydrogen in New Mexico and NO to public investment. Yet, Reps like Patty Lundstrom are continuing to push hydrogen down on NM and Indigenous communities. Now the Legislature is using interim committee hearings as a venue for hydrogen hype without a simultaneous presentation of scientific evidence. Hydrogen produced from “natural” methane gas is not a “clean” energy, nor is it renewable. We spoke against this greenwashed false solution and the need to invest in renewables in the state. We must stay vigilant given the Governor's intent to continue to pursue federal $ for a multi state hydrogen hub and state "leadership" who are bitter that their initial proposals were voted down.