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2 Urgent Calls to Action and News

Dear Friend & Supporter, We have less than 1 week until the NM legislative session concludes. We are hustling to get bills across the finish line and put forward our voices on what is needed to address many of the issues we are dealing with. Below we ask that you reach out to the House of Representatives in our State Legislature so we can pass SB 84 Community Solar. Additionally, we have 6 days until the hearing for the NM Environment Department air quality permit and we need your help. Thanks for joining with us to demand action on community solar and in defense of our community's health. See instructions below.



Make Calls & Emails to Representatives on SB 84 Community Solar!

Call and email members of our NM House of Representatives and please reach out to House Democrats whose votes we are counting on to get SB 84 to the Governor's desk. Want to see Community Solar become reality? Get your network involved & ask them to reach out to their Representatives.

As you may know, SB 84 passed the Senate Floor with amendments that would diminish the power of community solar. House Energy Environment & Natural Resources committee & the bill sponsors restored some of the power of Community Solar, like removing regulatory roadblocks over community solar projects, removing limitations on large anchor tenant subscribers, and fixed language requiring proof of zero cross-subsidization. In House State Gov't there were more amendments made to the bill. We wish that the amendment that added utility ownership was eliminated but at this point -- we want the opportunity to pursue community solar for our communities and will fight to ensure maximum community benefits and community ownership. We need the bill to pass in order to get that change. We DO need to make sure no more harmful amendments are introduced & added to the bill.

Call and email members of the House of Representatives (especially Democratic Senators) including your own Representative! Don’t know who your House Rep is? You can check HERE and then look up their contact information HERE.


Other Legislative Updates!

Many of you may know this already, but the Senate Judiciary Committee has a HUGE backlog of bills. The Chair, Senator Joseph Cervantes (District 31) has essentially rejected giving popular legislation a hearing. He is not scheduling bills, he has not prioritized our well being or even fulfilling his duty as a Senator. Listen to this press conference with more details. Check out this press conference that happened this morning with Senator Sedillo Lopez & Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero and environmental protection organizations, including YUCCA! Watch HERE.

  • Bills we want to get to the finish line this week

    • SB 84 Community Solar

    • SB 8 Local Government Air Quality Regulations

    • HB 50 Private Right Of Action For Certain Statutes

    • HB 206 Utility Affordability & Relief Act

    • HB 12 Cannabis Legalization

    • HB 4 NM Civil Rights Act

    • HB 111 Housing Discrimination Changes

    • SB 35 Minimum Wage for Secondary School Students

    • HB 43 Black Education Act

    • SB 93 Broadband Access & Expansion Act

    • HB 112 Health Benefits for Certain non-citizen

    • HB 20 Healthy Workplaces Act

    • SB 229 Healthy Food Financing Act

  • Passed & to the Governor's Desk

    • HB 51 Environmental Database

    • HB 52/a Bilingual Multicultural Ed Advisory Council

    • SB 10 Repeal Abortion Ban

  • Stalled or Tabled Important Bills

    • SJR 3 Environmental Rights

    • SB 83 Local Choice Energy Act

    • SB 86 Use of Water for Oil & Gas Operations

    • HB 9 Climate Solutions Act

    • HB 297 Workforce & Economic Prosperity Act

    • SB 155 Energy Transmission Authority Changes

    • SB 149 Prohibit New Fracking Licenses

    • HB 40 Private Prisons Moratorium

    • HB236 Public Banking



We are at a similar moment now. We’re feeling the impact of policies that we cannot impact. Many of us are working, have a lot of family responsibilities and are planning our futures. It makes sense to make this positive change. We can make amazing things happen if you give us the opportunity to be a part of it.

On Monday, we collaborated to bring this panel of New Mexicans who are advocating for 16 Vote legislation, to share their arguments for why this bill is so important to our state's democracy, and to answer your questions. We recommended watching/listening. No matter what happens this session, we are ready to continue the push to make our democracy more inclusive.


We're thrilled that in an historic vote - the Senate confirmed Rep. Deb Haaland as interior secretary making her the first Native American to serve as in a president's Cabinet! Check out the press release from Pueblo Action Alliance HERE on this historic confirmation.

"Deb Haaland’s voice will impact the relationship between the federal government and the treatment of communities who have lived through a history of broken treaties, promises, and the non-fulfillment of trust from the U.S government."


Environmental Justice Campaign

We have 5 days until the permit hearing with the New Mexico Environment Department & Associated Asphalt & Materials. We are working with the NM Environmental Law Center and Community Residents in preparation for the hearing on March 22. Join us this Saturday if you would like to be involved and want to come to the hearing.

Saturday March 20 from 10-11:30 PM If you are a resident of the impacted area (near 599 & Airport Road) or an ally concerned about environmental justice - please join us this Saturday to coordinate and plan for the hearing! RSVP to


ABQ Journal Article 3/14/2021

Quality of life and health standards need to apply to everybody... He said his concern doesn’t lie just with the consolidation, but with the fact that an industrial area is zoned right next to one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Santa Fe. This also happens to be an area home to low-income and immigrant communities.

The Paper 3/2021

A growing number of asphalt-producing businesses are seeking to operate in Santa Fe County north of Airport Road and just west of 599. Earth Care says this is where many lower-income neighborhoods exist, and it is the most densely populated area of Santa Fe. Residents had no idea they were moving into an area with significant and growing amounts of environmental pollution.


Coming Up This Week!

March 19 @ 5 pm Free Them All Friday Revolutionary Women Event

An event highlighting women revolutionaries across cultures!

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