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2021 Leg Campaign Launch *events this weekend

Dear Friend,

Wow! The first week of January 2021 has been a tumultuous one. We are relieved to hear that our Senators and Representatives are safe. Our hearts go out to those in DC who may have been in the crossfire (DC residents, essential workers in the Capitol) or targeted by the white supremacists and fascists. This terrible event is not surprising. We must continue to build with our community and elevate consciousness. Check out this Community Defense video from Pueblo Action Alliance (from August).

We are continuing to build our Legislative Agenda, Strategy and Organizing efforts! Check out two events below that will give you an opportunity to learn about important efforts happening during the session. Want to be active during the session? Sign up for our Legislative Action list - this list is specifically for the session. We will be sending weekly announcements & action items to this list. Not sure how active you want to be yet? No worries, we'll add you to our action list & you can decide.


Free Them All New Mexico Coalition's Voices Behind the Walls event on 1/8 at 5:30 pm. Hear from two community members who are currently inside the facilities as well as Clifton White, who was released in late 2020 after being held by the state as a political prisoner. They're also going to share information on bills to decarcerate and dismantle State Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex (that we are supporting), as well as legislative bills we should resist.

Saturday, January 9 | 9:30-12 PM

2021 NM Legislative Action Expo

YUCCA will be at the Legislative Action Expo this Saturday, 1/9! Join us for this "virtual tabling" event! Learn about some of the important initiatives that will be pursued during the 2021 Session!

Monday, January 11 | 12-1 pm

Energy Democracy Huddle for 2021 Legislature

Join YUCCA, Retake Our Democracy and New Energy Economy for a brown bag zoom lunch to talk about the bills we are supporting, the strategy we will be pursuing and how you can help get these important bills passed. Energy Democracy is so important as we confront the climate crisis, uplifting the needs & wants of frontline communities, and making energy accessible and affordable for all!


Climate & Environment Focused Legislation

  • Community Solar

  • Local Choice Energy

  • The Green Amendment

  • Amendments to the Produced Water Bill (passed in 2019)

  • Amendments to the Energy Transition Act

  • Just Transition Related Legislation

  • More to be announced...

Social & Economic Justice Focused Legislation

  • NM Civil Rights Act

  • 16 Vote Initiative

  • Voting Rights Restoration

  • Closing Private Prisons & Detention Centers

  • Cannabis Legalization

  • Establishing a NM State Public Bank

  • Crown Act

  • More to be announced...

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