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You won't want to miss our second annual Climate Justice Energy Democracy Convergence! This year we are excited to be in conversation, discussion, and analysis with movement leaders, members, and supporters working with us to build power this legislative session to mobilize toward real solutions and demand a livable future for our communities.

Panel 1

2023 Legislative Session Priorities & Energy Justice Analysis

4:30 - 5:30PM

We'll be discussing specific policy proposals on YUCCA's priority list for the 2023 Legislative Session and learning about the Energy Justice Scorecard and how it can help us evaluate other bills that emerge. Bills featured will include the Office of Just Transition & Just Transition Fund, Local Choice Energy, San Juan Cleanup, Emissions Reduction Bill, and Public Health & Climate Resiliency Act

Meet the Panelists:

Chili Yazzie, Community Advocate, San Juan Clean Up Chili has served the people of Shiprock and the Navajo Nation for 45 years. His life has been one of advocacy for human rights, environmental justice and the future of our grandchildren. He stands and fights against all exploitation that damage the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our Earth Mother. Thomas Joseph, CO2 OrganizerIndigenous Environmental Network Thomas is a carbon educator organizer with Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), which is dedicated to combating environmental injustice against Indigenous communities. Thomas has been working with the NM No False Solutions Coalition to share training on carbon pricing, offsets, and other "carbon reduction strategies" that have been proven ineffective and have had devastating impacts on Indigenous communities throughout the world. Thomas will talk about the dangers of policies with these mechanisms and other net-zero schemes and the need to critically analyze policies for false solutions. Michael Leon Guerrero, Sustainable Economy Policy Advisor, Center for Civic Policy Michael Leon Guerrero was a field organizer, lead organizer and Executive Director for the SouthWest Organizing Project for 17 years, leading local, state and regional campaigns on environmental justice. He also was National Coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and UNITY, a collaboration between six national grassroots alliances including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Right to the City Alliance, Push Back Network, National Guestworker Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and Jobs with Justice. Alysha Shaw, Campaign Director, Public Power NM Campaign Director of Public Power New Mexico. She has been a community organizer for most of her life, contributing to and leading grassroots issue advocacy campaigns and political campaigns in a variety of roles. She previously served as the Director of Constituent Services for the New Mexico State Land Office, which informs her understanding of how advocates and organizers can be impactful in their outreach to elected officials. She is deeply committed to organizing to affect the policy changes we need to catalyze a renewable energy future that will improve our communities and save our planet. Jacob Vigil, Senior Research and Policy Analyst, NM Voices Jacob joined NM Voices in 2018 to focus on anti-poverty initiatives, including economic security, safety net, and early care and education policies, which he’s done through research and statewide outreach and advocacy. He was promoted to Senior Policy Analyst in 2022. Prior to joining NM Voices, Jacob worked in advocacy and coalition building in Illinois and California on early childhood and children’s health issues. He also worked as a government relations representative advocating for quality subsidized child care in several Western states. Before entering public policy, Jacob was a social worker and educator. Jacob holds a BA in Latin American History from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and a Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.

Panel 2 BUILDING POWER 5:30 - 7:30 We'll be discussing movement issues and strategy to build power and win the changes we need with movement leaders. Meet The Panelists:

Bineshi Albert, Co-Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance Bineshi Albert became one of the founders of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) as a young person. She also supported the creation and development of both an Indigenous Feminist Organizing School and an International Feminist Organizing School. She is currently co-executive director of the Climate Justice Alliance, where she leads with two other dynamic women of color. An avid creative, she wrote three plays and performed for three years with Hembras de Pluma in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her career has been a journey of community organizing, building power and working to protect Mother Earth while dancing, creating and cooking. As she says: "I work to build a society that sees itself as part of the land and not dominating over it. Then, and only then, will people be able to see the climate crisis we are in and act as if our pants were on fire!" Richard Moore, Co-Founder, Los Jardines Institute Richard Moore is a widely respected national leader in environmental justice. He currently serves as the Co-Chair of the inaugural White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC). Richard has also served on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC), where in 1993 he was the first elected Chair. Richard is the Co-Coordinator for Los Jardines Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and national Co-Coordinator of the Environmental Justice, Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform, advocating for stronger, safer, and just chemical policies. Dr. Virginia Nechochea, Executive Director, New Mexico Environmental Law Center Dr. Virginia Necochea is a long-time educator, researcher, and community advocate. Much of her work focuses on how structural racism impacts our society and lives, especially within systems and institutions. She is a former UNM faculty member and the former executive director of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems (CESOSS), a community-led nonprofit focused on protecting and preserving land and water resources in the South Valley and larger Middle Rio Grande region. Dr. Necochea will continue to advocate for equity, environmental justice, and frontline communities as the executive director of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center. Julia Bernal, Executive Director, Pueblo Action Alliance Julia Bernal is an enrolled tribal member at Sandia Pueblo but is also from Taos Pueblo and the Yuchi-Creek Nations of Oklahoma. She has her BA in English and Literature from the University of Redlands. Currently, she is working towards her MA in Water Resources Policy Management and a MA in Community Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico. She has helped PAA build campaigns against carbon pricing, fracking 101 education, and the reclamation of indigenous water management practices. Jozee Zuñiga, Member of The Permian, YUCCA Jozee is from the Southeast part of New Mexico. She studied at the University Of Texas of The Permian Basin for two years. She plans to continue her education in New Mexico majoring in environmental engineering. Her goal is to help transition our beautiful state into the future of clean energy with alternate fuel resources.


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