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Demands to the Governor & Lawmakers

YUCCA’s 2023 Legislative Priorities

  1. Just Transition Legislation

Establishing a fund from fossil fuel revenues to pay for the planning, research, development, and implementation needed to end our State’s dependency on fossil fuels and rapidly transition our economy.

  1. Community Clean-Up Legislation

Remedying the historic harms against frontline communities by cleaning up the spills, radioactive waste, and other hazardous waste left behind by extractive industries.

  1. Emissions Reductions Legislation

Concrete emissions reduction standards that reverse our emissions and rapidly transition our economy by 2030 - the deadline set by science.

  1. Funding to Address the Public Health Impacts of Climate Change:

A fund to help local communities respond to climate emergencies and a program within the Public Health department to address climate change’s impact on the health of our communities called the Public Health & Climate Resiliency Act.

5. NM Green Amendment

A constitutional amendment to strengthen and expand our constitutional right to clean air, water, and a sustainable climate to New Mexico’s constitution.

  1. Local Choice Energy

Breaking up the monopolized utility companies in New Mexico and giving ratepayers the ability to choose how their power is bought, sold, and generated - to open the door for local competition, which will serve as an economic engine for local development and allow our communities transition to 100% renewables without waiting for PNM.

  1. 16 Vote Initiative

Expanding the ballot box to our 16 and 17-year-old peers so they can participate in local elections that directly impact their lives.

8. Reformation of the legislature - investing to equip lawmakers with the resources they need to lead our state.

9. NO HYDROGEN OF ANY KIND - Currently 98% of hydrogen production relies on fossil fuels. Hydrogen from water uses precious water resources we cannot afford.


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