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Learning and Discussion Opportunities

*TODAY, Wednesday, August 26, at 6 PM* Near the Edge--How COVID is Impacting Our Vulnerable Santa Fe Communities

Join this panel discussion on the current state of affairs for Santa Fe's most vulnerable populations during COVID due to the historic lack economic and social investment. Forecasts suggest our economic situation will get worse before it gets better. Panelists include the co-founder of Poder Familiar and our very own Co-Director Miguel Acosta! Other folks on the panel include Hank Hughes, Jill Dixon, & Kate Kennedy. Katherine Clark will be moderating this conversation.

These panelists lead local social services & will give us insight into what the next 6 months look like in Santa Fe and what immediate and long-term help and policy advocacy are needed.


District 3 Community Meeting to be held on Thursday, Aug. 27

6 p.m.– 8 p.m.

Yesterday, we found out about this "community meeting." Talking to families and residents of District 3, we learned that we were not the only ones who had no idea a meeting like this was scheduled. Here's the notice from the City.  We have many questions about this process & the lack of engagement & the claims made in this notice. 

Poder Familiar/Earth Care, Gerard's House, San Isidro Parish and other community partners convened the first community meeting in response to the challenges our youth are facing. Several dozen individuals, none of whom were consulted for this police response, met and agreed that there are two major areas of work to focus on. The first is to embrace those families directly impacted by these recent events, and help support them and the broader community as we grieve the young lives lost and the continuing impacts of those tragedies. The second focus is on dismantling the structural and economic violence, and racialized poverty that creates increased community vulnerabilities to pandemics, food insecurity, leaving school, pollution, evictions, gentrification and displacement. The last thing on our minds was creating a police mega task force, knowing that police-first solutions never work to change conditions nor systems.

Here's the noticed published yesterday on the City website.

Please join Councilor Abeyta, Councilor Rivera, Mayor Webber, and members of the Santa Fe Police Department for a community-centered presentation on our youth, recent gun violence, and the newly formed team that is working to address this issue. On August 12, 2020, The Santa Fe Police Department formed a team comprised of Detectives from the Violent Crimes Unit, Property Crimes Unit and the Criminal Intelligence Unit to focus on the recent spike in youth violence. This impact team has partnered with Children Youth and Families, Juvenile Probation Office, and the District Attorney’s Office in their response to the community. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on Thursday, August 27 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The link for the meeting and the passcode to participate on are below: Passcode: 318591 If you have any questions you would like addressed by our Police Department during the meeting, please email them to Captain Tapia at by Thursday at 10 a.m. to be considered for inclusion in the presentation. 


In the 4th Installment of our webinar series, YUCCA and Walk The Talk are co-hosting "School-to-Prison Pipeline” a panel discussion on how policing has affected our very own community and how we as a collective group can move forward from that.

We're honored to be hosting Ruby Lopez, Miguel Acosta, Maȟpíya Black Elk and Moneka Stevens as our panelists. So this Saturday the 29th at 5pm join us on zoom or Facebook live to build power and knowledge together!


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