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Happy Labor Day!

We hope you had a great holiday. We don't want to take much of your time - but need to share some important things about this week:

1) We hope you can come tomorrow night to support the Santa Fe Public School District's Resolution in Support of Climate Crisis Action which will be heard at tomorrow night's School Board Meeting. Thanks to Board President Kate Noble for answering our call to action and request for support by introducing this resolution.

Please come and show your support and appreciation at 5:30PM tomorrow at the Board Meeting 610 Alta Vista Street. We encourage you to make a short statement during public comment period to express your support for this act of solidarity and leadership.

2) The Climate Town Hall is WEDNESDAY - we are soooo busy with Climate Strike organizing that it just snuck up on us! We can't NOT bring folks together for this important event. Especially because we were a part of making this happen through our Sunrise Movement organizing.

It's a 10 hour long LIVE event that will be streaming on CNN. Though we're not up to host that (sorry, school/work demands otherwise) - we are down to host from 6PM-8PM so folks can hear the frontrunners - starting with Biden (boo!), then Bernie, then Warren. Then we'll make sure to share out the rest of the interviews with the other candidates.

So - come join us 6-8PM Wednesday and bring food to share. We're not entirely sure on location yet - so go to Earth Care's FB Page for the event posting once we make it ;)

3) Our 2nd to last big group Planning Meeting is Saturday 12:30-2:30. Come learn about the plan for the day of, sign up for helper roles, contribute to the song lyrics and chants list, and help make visuals. It'll be a lot of fun.

We launch our Crowdfunding Campaign TOMORROW - please look out for that email and help us raise the money we need to make this event a huge success and to fuel the campaign through the legislative session - where we'll be pushing for the systemic changes we need.

Big week this week - we hope to see you!!!!

-Faith, Bianca, and Ruby on behalf of the YUCCA Steering Committee


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