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Dear Friend,

We hope you have a good weekend. Like you, we are deeply concerned by the power grid failures happening in Texas and the devastating impact that neglect has had on largely working class, Indigenous, Black, Tejano, and immigrant communities. The losses are tragic and unacceptable. There's a lot to learn from this and the vulnerabilities that exist due to poor leadership, pure greed, corporate controlled energy systems, and climate disruption. Thankfully there are mutual aid networks connecting folks to critical resources, heat, water, and support. Check out this article about the grassroots response and if you are able - donate to one of the community funds listed at the end.



As you know we are working with the NM Environmental Law Center & local community residents to fight against the expansion of asphalt plants in our neighborhoods and demand alternative sustainable development opportunities that advance health equity and economic justice. On Thursday we had a kick off meeting with residents of neighboring trailer parks and apartment complexes who are beginning the work to organize their fellow impacted community members. We have about a month til the March 22 public hearing date. We will be organizing protest letters to the NM Environment Department and more. If you live in the area (near El Camino Real school) - please

join us at the next meeting Saturday February

27th 10-11:30AM.

Contact to RSVP

If you're not a resident of the impacted area - you can be an ally by amplifying the communities' calls for environmental justice and the rights of southside residents to clean air and a healthy environment and respond to campaign calls to action coming soon.



Here are the dates for upcoming YUCCA Youth meetings (25 years old & younger). We'll meet every Sunday from 3-4:30 for the next few weeks to take action together & prep for legislative advocacy! Every other Tuesday 8-9 pm, we will be doing community building & training. We’re building power & still have more bills to get across the finish line!

Sign up here:

For our adult allies, please join our Legislative Action List to get regular updates on YUCCA legislative priorities & how you can put pressure to get our bills across the finish line. We send out our action alerts via an email Google Group.

See below for one of this week's legislative calls to action!

Take Legislative Action!

HB 9 the Climate Solutions Act will be in the House State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee on Monday morning (2/22) starting around 8:00 AM. YUCCA successfully lobbied to have youth added to the bill as a disproportionately impacted community so that we can have a seat at the table and work to hold the transition planning process accountable to our generation and our communities!

Read this important article about how dire the climate situation is in NM and how HB9 could help to address the need for urgent action with extensive quotes from YUCCA - calling for aggressive climate emission reduction standards that acknowledge the climate emergency and are based on the science.

Check out the factsheet here. Here is the Zoom link where you can watch with us & vote in the committee poll in support of the bill (

Please Call & Email! Phone calls during open hours 8 AM-5 PM are the best!


YUCCA Members are providing 2x a week updates on their Instagram! Follow us @yucca.nm


More Media Coverage of YUCCA's Work

Produced water bill dies in committee

In a devastating example of the fossil fuel's continued grip on our policy-makers -- one of our priority bills that would have made it illegal for oil and gas operators to spill produced water was killed in Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. Produced water is the toxic flowback water generated in oil extraction - 1.2 billion barrels of toxic fracking waste was created in 2019 alone. Mimi Stewart, president pro tem of the Senate stated that she thought the bill was "a danger to the industry" as she explained why she was voting it down. Sponsor Sedillo Lopez courageously pointed out that it is only a danger to the bad actors who are responsible for the spills and incidents that contaminate our land and water (an average of 4 spills PER day and more than 3.9 million gallons last year).

Green Amendment proposal passes first committee

The Green Amendment proposal aka SJR3 passes its first committee! The bill is headed to Senate Judiciary -- an uphill battle. (Sign-up for our google group to get calls to action on this important bill).

Climate Justice and Civics: An interview w/ Laura Paskus & Castille Aguilar

Thanks to River Source for having YUCCA on to speak to students across the state! We joined nature detective on the beat, Jonathan Tyrrell, to explore key policy issues related to Climate policy in New Mexico! Check out this short video!



If you know seniors 62+ age, please let me know there are apartments available at 1200 Camino Consuelo through the Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority. They need to apply before 2/26. Please have them call David Martínez. 505 988-2859. They call leave a message with their name, etc. letting them know they are interested in an apt. at Camino Consuelo.


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