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On This Day: Resilience, Resistance & Transformative Recovery

Happy Inauguration day!

We hope you are enjoying this moment of transition and staying safe. As we think about the significance of this day - we wanted to share with you the latest edition of the Green Fire Times, a collaboration between Earth Care & the Green Fire Times titled Resilience, Resistance & Recovery: Visions for Transformative Change. Four years ago we began an annual tradition of bringing northern and central NM readers the voices of social and environmental justice movement leaders throughout the state and amplifying the amazing voices, struggles and strategies of our region’s social and environmental justice movements.

2021 can be the beginning of a new era, but only if we keep up the pressure and demand transformative change. We are being called to reimagine and restructure the way we relate to our Earth Mother, to one another, our health and our economy. We are being called to reckon honestly with our past and build a better future together. We invited writers to share lessons in resilience, resistance and visions for transformative recovery. The opening of this edition by YUCCA - calls us all to have the Courage to Change.

The cover of this GFT edition is a piece by Noel Marquez called A Dichotomy between the Sacred and the Desecrated-Respect our Mother. Noel was from Lake Arthur, NM & worked to stop nuclear waste dumps, uranium mining, milling, weapons and nuclear power. Noel passed on on Dec. 23, 2020, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Madelene, their 14-year old daughter Pai. We honor Noel in this edition for his important work resisting the nuclear & extractive industry and our condolences to the whole Marquez family.

"Land is not just real estate. It is a sacred part of our existence, so we need to fight for our air, our water, and our earth."


You can read this edition of the GFT online or pick up your own copy around town in Santa Fe. The Green Fire Times is also available at different locations in Albuquerque and Northern NM towns. Here's a sneak peak of some of the articles featured in this edition.





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