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Produced Water Is Illegal! Join Us This Saturday!

Good morning friends & supporters,

This past week we showed up to the OCD rule making hearing to speak in support of comprehensive rule making on produced water spills in New Mexico. We also delivered the petitions in support of the federal fracking pause and in opposition to the Governor's pleas to give NM a waiver.

If you haven't seen the latest Mutual Aid event happening, come out to the Community Swap happening across from the Southside Library at Earth Care @ our Zona site. Join SFMA & the community on Saturday, June 19th from 1-4 PM at Earth Care Check out the FB event page HERE


Produced Water aka Fracking Waste Water Rule Making Victory!

Last Thursday, the Oil Conversation Division (OCD) approved a rule change to prohibit oil and gas drillers from spilling (intentionally or accidentally) oil & toxic liquids like produced water in New Mexico. Previously, there were no rules prohibiting spills leaving communities and workers at danger from polluting water and land. Data from OCD shows that there were over 3 spills on average per day in New Mexico in 2020. This is unacceptable. YUCCA showed up to the hearing in full force. We came out in support of the rule but we also called for additional more stringent measures including the inclusion of ALL spills (this rule only included major spills), required notification of impacted communities when spills occur, samples and public disclosure of the chemicals released, and required ENFORCEMENT. Unfortunately the OCD did not accept these additions from YUCCA or our allies. Nonetheless, we celebrate the progress made with this initial step and our work to hold regulators accountable (the YUCCA testimonies were red hot righteous -- definitely check them out). The rule is set to take effect on July 8, 2021.


Federal Fracking Ban Updates!

Last Wednesday, alongside NM Climate Justice, we delivered over 1,000 petition signatures straight to the Office of the Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, demonstrating New Mexicans support for the federal fracking pause on NEW leases on public lands. In the meantime, 24 State Legislators have written & sent a letter in support of the Biden Administration's fracking pause! Thank you Senator Hamblen for leading the charge in voicing opposition to the state's action. We need more action on climate & economic diversification now! Check out the article HERE!

Unfortunately a federal judge just "granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday against the administration, saying that the power to pause offshore oil and gas leases “lies solely with Congress” because it was the legislative branch that originally made federal lands and waters available for leasing." Read that article HERE.

Press Coverage: NM Youth Activists Deliver Signatures to Governor on Fracking Permits YUCCA and New Mexico Climate Justice representatives will ask the governor for further study on the health impacts of fracking, as well as greater investment in alternative ways the state could generate revenue, so its budget won't depend so heavily on oil and gas revenues. Data from the state's Oil Conservation Division reported a nearly 11% increase from 2019 to 2020 in barrels of oil produced.


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