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#ShareMyCheck In The News

Hi Friend,

Here at Earth Care we wanted to make sure you saw this recent article on the #ShareMyCheck initiative through Santa Fe Mutual Aid! We started this along with the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, Fathers NM, DSA-SF, Interfaith Leadership Alliance, CIS-NM and you all!

More than 150 Santa Fe residents like you all have donated money to the #ShareMyCheck program. In total 139 individuals and families have received a total of $93,000. Although there has not been a second round of stimulus funds, we are continuing to run this initiative with donations specifically for #ShareMyCheck.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! Whether you shared your check, spread the word about the Santa Fe Mutual Aid project or have shown up to contribute assistance, all of your support has boosted these important efforts.

If you haven't joined the effort, we invite you to join.


Santa Feans Provide Stimulus For Immigrants Left Out Of Federal Program



When the coronavirus pandemic set in this spring, many Americans were able to offset some of their economic hardship with a federal stimulus check.

Not Maria and her husband, Alfredo.

While the Santa Fe couple suffered from unemployment and dwindling income like many others, they didn’t qualify for federal benefits for one reason: They’re undocumented workers.

“We were very hurt by the pandemic,” said Maria, who asked that only her first name be published because she does not have legal immigration status. “We were just trying to survive.”

The virus-induced recession has come down particularly hard on undocumented immigrants because they were unable to receive the $1,200 stimulus checks, increased unemployment benefits or small-business loans offered to Americans as part of federal COVID-19 relief.


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